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Submission Guidelines

Call for Pitches

The theme of our next issue is invasive species. Many exotic or nonnative species—plants, mammals, insects, crustaceans, and more—have been introduced to the Rocky Mountain West ecoregion either accidentally or intentionally only to thrive, outcompeting native species and proliferating with serious ecological and economic ramifications. This issue of Western Confluence will help readers understand the scope of the challenges invasive species pose to our region, approaches being undertaken to address these challenges, and new solutions or ways of thinking about and dealing with invasive species.

Email your story idea, the angle you think it might take, and the reporting and storytelling approaches it could employ to editor@westernconfluence.org. In addition to formal story pitches, we also welcome tips, names of contacts, links to papers, or other leads that we might develop into stories and assign to writers. To be considered for the upcoming issue, pitches must be received by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 6, 2019. Western Confluence editors and advisors will discuss and answer all pitches.

View the full pitch call here.